Lubeworks C808-OKDD wall mount oil dispensing system

Lubeworks C808-OKDD wall mount oil dispensing system
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Ref: C808-OKDD / 3:1 or 5:1 wall mount oil dispensing system

The C808-OKMD & C808-OKDD Modular oil dispensing kits are suitable for 205ltr oil drums. The C808-OKDD kit includes the popular 808 series medium pressure oil reel, along with a choice of 3:1 or 5:1 ratio oil drum pump with a 2m pump to reel connecting hose. Included will also be the J1782802 manual oil delivery gun. The C808-OKMD is supplied with a J18163536 Lubeworks® Digital Oil Control Gun rather than the J1782802 manual version.

Kit includes

  • C808-450M oil reel
  • J300 or J500 oil pump
  • J1782802 oil control gun
  • TGCOS200 connecting hose

J300/J500 pump features

  • Precision machined to ensure stability and long life
  • Double action
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Suitable for use with oils up to 130 SAE for J300 and 240 SEA for J500
  • Supplied with 2" adjustable bung adaptor
  • Suitable for use with engine oil, synthetic oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and automatic transmission fluid
  • Low noise level - quiet efficient and reliable
  • Mounting brackets and accessories available for this product

C808-450M oil reel features

  • Corrosion resistant powder coating
  • Guide arm adjustable handling up to 9 positions
  • Solid 1" steel axle
  • Multi-position ratchet lock
  • Spring fully enclosed and lubricated
  • Latching of hose at any length
  • All brass swivel assembly

J1782802 oil gun features

  • Flexible nozzle
  • Durable and lightweight

J300/J500 pump specifications

Working air pressure 5 to 8bar (70 to 115psi)
Maximum fluid pressure 24 bar (350psi) - J300
40 bar (584psi) - J500
Air Consumption @ 8bar - 110l/min
Output capacity ltr./min. 12l/min- J300
14l/min - J500
Suction tube diameter mm 42mm
Air inlet connection 1/4" quick plug
Oil delivery connection 1/2" male
Maximum viscosity 130 SAE- J300
240 SAE - J500
Test media, SAE30 oil @ 20°C through 2mtr hose length free outlet

C808-450M oil reel specifications

Hose capacity 50' / 15m
Hose ID 1/2"
Max PSI 2000psi / 138bar
Inlet/Outlet 1/2"
Reel dimensions W: 22cm x H: 55cm x D: 53cm
Approx weight NW/26kg GW/28kg

J1782802 oil gun specifications

Inlet connection 1/2" female
Temperature Max 60°C
Max pressure 50bar / 750psi