Macnaught K32 Flexigun

Macnaught K32 Flexigun
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Note: More pictures available on datasheet.
Ref: LK32 / Suitable for 400g grease cartridges, bulk filling or Macnaught J3 transfer pump

The K32 FLEXIGUN® is a classic grease gun that incorporates a unique variable stroke piston and valve arrangement for true one handed operation. The push in handle is easy to use and requires much less effort to operate. Increased pressure can be produced by short strokes (low volume) or high volume using a long stroke (low pressure). Heavy duty pistol grip construction with comfortable ergonomics. The K32 FLEXIGUN® is fully repairable with a strong die cast head and heavy gauge steel barrel for extra long service life.


  • KY SUPERGRIP™ 3 jaw high pressure coupler
  • Filling options: Bulk, cartridge or J3 grease pump
  • Delivery pressure up to 68,900kPa (10,000psi)
  • Compatible with 400g cartridges for contamination free greasing
  • Filler/bleeder nipple 1/8" BSP (M)
  • Fully repairable
  • Robust zinc pull handle


Delivery pressure Up to 68,900kPa (10,000psi)
Flexible extension hose 230mm (9")
Delivery per shot Up to 0.68g
Barrel wall 1.6mm thick
Wetted parts Zinc, steel, nitrile rubber, cork and nylon
Maximum viscosity Up to NLGI 2