Nightstick JNSP-4612B multi-functional headlamp

Nightstick JNSP-4612B multi-functional headlamp
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Ref: JNSP-4612B / Multi-functional headlamp

Nightstick products are built not only with lumen ratings but also with optimised performance characteristics such as candela, beam distance and run-times. The design must take into consideration all of these factors to impact a light’s efficiency and performance. The Nightstick product line uses CREE® LEDs, the number 1 LED manufacturer in the world. Nightstick products are also designed and manufactured using the best quality housing materials, precision engineered reflectors, reliable switch functionality, with state-of-the-art electronics and latest generation battery technology. Innovations such as Nightstick’s exclusive Dual-Light design, combining a flashlight and a floodlight into a single light with the ability to turn both on simultaneously for added versatility and safety, is altering the idea of what a flashlight is. ISO 9001 Certified Factories undergo rigorous quality control inspections with a target of nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. Nightstick’s quality is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Additional quality control inspections take place as products arrive and leave the distribution facility. Exceptional Value: Nightstick products are designed and manufactured to outperform and be of a higher quality standard than any other product in its class.


  • CREE® LED technology - 50,000 + hours LED life
  • Spotlight high / low brightness white / red floodlight
  • Focused spotlight beam for distance illumination
  • Unfocused widebeam floodlight for close up illumination
  • Red floodlight for night vision preservation
  • Dual light (spot and white flood together) for max. versatility
  • Dual switches located on top of light
  • Engineered polymer housing
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable ratchet tilt head
  • Non-slip elastic head strap
  • Heavy duty rubber strap for hard hat applications
  • Impact and chemical resistant
  • Powered by 3 premium AA alkaline batteries (included)
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Lumens Spotlight 100, High Floodlight 90, Low Floodlight 20, Red Floodlight 18, Dual light 175
Run time (hrs) Spotlight 18 hrs, High Floodlight 13.5 hrs, Low Floodlight 75 hrs, Red Floodlight 37 hrs, Dual light 3.5 hrs
Beam distance 140m
Water rating IPX7 waterproof
Drop rating 2 metres
Width 3.3"
Height 3.3"
Depth 3.58"
Weight 9.5oz