Sagola 475 miniature spray gun

Sagola 475 miniature spray gun
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Ref: Sagola professional paint systems - 475 miniature gravity feed spray gun

Aerographic gravity feed spraygun ideal for smart repair and sprayed artwork.

Redashe are the sole UK importers for all Sagola spray gun products. The Sagola spray gun portfolio is vast and only some of the products available are featured on the Redashe web site. For a full view of the complete Sagola range and extended product information visit the Sagola web site at


  • Gravity spray gun - ideal for retouching, shading or small repairs
  • Precise fan adjustment with excellent finishing capabilities
  • Light, ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Low air consumption, 110ltr/min - 3.5bar
  • 125cc cup, with anti-drip and paint filter included


Inlet working pressure 3.5bar

Product version comparison table

Model Needle and nozzle Air cap Description
Gravity 475 (standard air consumption 110l/min)
SA10140703 1.0 10 Touch ups metallic, small pieces
SA10140701 0.5 05 Touch ups, metallic paints
SA10140702 0.8 05 Fade-outs, labelling
SA10140704 0.5 R5 Lines, rounded spray jet