• IRT UV SpotCure
  • Redashe JF8110-10 Rechargeable Compact Flood Light
  • Macnaught BOP20 Battery operated pump
  • Koreel CCRHA-1920SS stainless steel reel

Welcome to Redashe

Importers and suppliers of hose and cable reels, lubrication equipment and automotive and industrial equipment

Since 1983, Redashe have been importing and supplying high quality industrial tools and equipment to the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and industrial market places. Its products are sourced from all over the world and through long and enduring relationships with multiple manufacturers from Australia, Sweden, Italy, USA, China, India, Korea and the UK are able to offer a wide and varying portfolio of high quality equipment solutions. At the heart of it success is the knowledge and expertise of their product experts who are continually sourcing, reviewing and testing products as new technologies emerge and develop. This has been a vital component in the Redashe ethos over the last thirty years and it’s through this understanding of todays industrial needs that they are able to bring exactly the right balance between quality and value to their customers.

Redashe also understand that the supply of high quality products alone is not enough which is why they pride themselves on their award winning customer service and technical support. Meeting all requirements of ISO9001, Redashe originally obtained its certificate of BSI quality assurance in 1991. Since, their committed, dedicated support team has grown in knowledge and numbers offering a faultless afters sales service including spare parts and warranty service work.

Redashe supply tools and equipment in four broad areas. Hose and cable reels, lubrication equipment, automotive equipment and industrial equipment. This is reflected in this website’s structure where over 1100 products are listed including hose reels from Coxreels, Reelworks and Koreel; lubrication equipment from Macnaught, Groz and Lubeworks and automotive equipment from Drester, Sagola, Nightstick and Hans.

If you are interested in applying to be a Redashe distributor, please call for information.