Coxreels spring rewind welding reels

Coxreels spring rewind welding reels
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Note: Image illustrated may not be the exact version of the model. Supplied as bare reel. Hose sold separately.
Ref: SSHWL-N-140 / Oxy-acetylene / Oxy-propane - (max 200psi)

SHW reels are designed for twin hose oxy-acetylene or oxy-propane gas applications. The robust powder coated steel construction combines maximum stability with ease of use while the dual ported swivel features multiple O rings for positive gas separation. The automatic hose rewind minimises the risk of hose damage and removes the potential trip hazard of loose hose from the floor. All SHW reels feature spark-free operation for added safety.


  • Heavy duty steel construction with durable blue powder finish
  • Double supported solid 1" steel axle
  • Multi-position roller arm gives full range of mounting options
  • Four way, non-snag roller guides to reduce hose wear
  • 1/4" steel mounting base for maximum stability
  • Slotted and drilled mounting holes for easy installation
  • Spark-free latching mechanism locks hose at any length
  • Fully automatic hose rewind for neat and tidy storage
  • Externally mounted dual ported swivel with multiple O rings
  • All working parts fully accessible for servicing
  • Supplied as bare reel - Hose extra


Hose capacity 40'
Hose ID 1/4"
Hose OD 1/2"
Max PSI 200
Swivel in/out 1/4" BSPF
Reel dimensions W: 91/4" x H: 21" x D: 195/8"
Approx weight 25kg

Product version comparison table

Model Hose ID Hose OD Length
Depth Weight
SHWL-N-140 1/4" 1/2" 40' 200 1/4" BSPF 9 1/4" 21" 19 5/8" 25kg
SHWL-N-340 3/8" 5/8" 40' 200 3/8" BSPF 9 1/4" 21" 19 5/8" 25kg
SHWL-N-375 3/8" 5/8" 75' 200 3/8" BSPF 9 1/4" 251/2" 23" 37kg