Drester WM-90-1 bodyshop paint/waste collector

Drester WM-90-1 bodyshop paint/waste collector
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Note: More pictures illustrating the internal layout of the WM-90 are available on the datasheet.
Ref: WM-90-1 / Bodyshop paint/waste collector

The Redashe waste management system improves your environment and gets rid of paint residues and other waste in a safe and neat way in compliance with the legislation. The design of the Redashe WM-90 corresponds to the Redashe gun cleaners. By placing the units next to each other you create a smart, homogeneous look in the work shop. You also get a more efficient work flow and working environment.

The Redashe WM-90 comes in three different models: one for liquid waste, one for solid waste and one model combining the two. Each model has two compartments, so you can easily separate two different types of waste.

The sloppy, smelling funnels and drums on the floor can be removed for good. By emptying the paint residues in a Redashe waste management unit, the paint and solvent residues are stored in a safe way in compliance with current European legislation. You can also avoid sticky paint on the floor and maintain a neat appearance. Redashe WM-90-01 has two funnels with grids, on which cans can be left to drain. The waste is collected in drums underneath. The two compartments make it easy to separate for example waterborne paints from solvent borne.

Extraction can be connected to the Redashe WM-90 either directly or through a hood. Redashe WM-90 is an ATEX category 2 unit, which can be placed in zone 1, for example in the mixing room.

Extraction is not supplied as standard. For costings please call a Redashe representitive.

Also available in stainless steel. Please call for details.


  • 12 month warranty
  • ATEX approved
  • Complies with all applicable European directives and standards


Weight 42kg
Dimensions H: 1025mm x W: 780mm x D: 570mm
Compressed air needed for extraction 7 - 12bar (110 - 180psi), 450l/min (16cfm)