Groz ZMMVSP150 milling machine vice

Groz ZMMVSP150 milling machine vice
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Ref: ZMMVSP150 / Super precision milling machine vice

The Milling Machine Vice is one of the most popular vices used in workshops, machine shops and shop floor. Apart from use in milling operations, it also finds application in jig boring, grinding and shaping jobs.


  • Manufactered from close grained hi-tensile seasoned cast iron, the vice body has a premium polychrommatic finish which is scratch and rust proof
  • Vice jaws made from fully hardened and ground tool steel allow the workpiece to be held dead square without use of any packing. This not only improves efficiency and life of jaws but also helps reduce strain on vice body
  • Usage of high tensile grade 10.8 fasteners provides greater strength and rigidity. The 360° swivel base allows the vice to be set at any angle along the vertical axis. Vice base has a milled slot which helps in accurate location of the vice on the machine table using rectangular locating nuts
  • "Hold Down" slots allow for secure clamping of the vice on the machine table


Jaw width 6" / 150mm
Jaw opening 4" / 150mm
Jaw depth 13/4" / 45mm
Net weight 38.8kg

Product version comparison table

Model Jaw width Jaw opening
Jaw depth
Net weight
ZMMVSP100 4' / 100mm 4' / 100mm 11/2" / 38mm 17.4kg
ZMMVSP150 6' / 150mm 4' / 100mm 13/4" / 45mm 38.8kg