Herkules AirgoMatic HLS-3213 Car Lift

Herkules AirgoMatic HLS-3213 Car Lift
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Ref: Herkules AirgoMatic HLS-3213 Car Lift

The Herkules HLS 3213 – AirgoMatic has a capacity of 3.2 tons (6500 lb) and a lifting height of 1.3 m (4′ 3’’), the AirgoMatic 3213 sets new standards. It is suitable for the most common car types and offers space-savings in the workshop, thanks to only 110 mm (4.37’’) high cantilevers and proportionately short ramps it’s space-saving in the workshop.


  • Fast and easy installation with low maintenance costs
  • Minimal space requirements for installation
  • Ergomically friendly for workers and painters
  • Secure investment due to durable construction and long product lifetime

Technical Data

Loading capacity 3.2 tons
Air supply 6 bar
Lifting height 1300 mm
Cantilever height 110 mm
Pit depth 150 mm

Product version comparison table

Model Wheelbase (min/max) Installation
HLS3213-11 1800/3600mm On-ground
HLS3213-14 1600/3300mm In-ground
HLS3213-16 1800/3300mm In-ground, CE-stop
HLS3213-17 1800/3600mm Transmobile (HLT-04)