IRT Hi-Bake Dryer

IRT Hi-Bake Dryer
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Hi-Bake is a manual alternative to the DTP model, with 50% flash-off, 100% full bake

The DTP models are designed for “spot repair” and curing of high temperature paint material, up to 200°C/390F. The DTP range is also suitable for curing paint repairs on A-B-C pillars and sills where the steel material is thicker and more power is needed. A large choice of preset processes are standard, including 3-step panel bonding. The reflector surface is coated with a thin layer of pure 24K gold providing the highest level of heat transfer available. The result is minimal heat loss and low energy consumption. The IRT DTP infrared dryer is available in 4 models with 1 or 2 cassettes. The DTP models are often customized for special applications based on customer requirements.

Technical Data

DTP Dryer Cassette Drying surface (LxH) No. of Cassettes No. of lamps Power (kW)
IRT 4 Hi-Bake 300x300mm 1 3 3