Redashe ESA-1009 bodyshop can shaker

Redashe ESA-1009 bodyshop can shaker
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Ref: ESA-1009 / Bodyshop can shaker

Designed to aid in the mixing of paint, capable of mixing up to 5 litre down to half litre paint tins. Air driven to ensure simple installation and use. Comes complete with oiler, 3 bolts to mount unit to work bench and allen key.


  • Max 5 litre cans
  • Complete with mounting bolts & allen key
  • Air switch
  • Automatic oiler
  • The length of time required for mixing depends on the size of the tin to be mixed this should be between 1min 30 secs and 2 minutes
  • Protective impact resistant cover over pneumatic parts
  • Non slip cover over can grips
  • Simple to operate vice grip action
  • Easy to use lubrication points


Air inlet 1/4"
Capacity 5l (1 gallon)
Air consumption 3cfm
Max opening 290mm