The Redashe website

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The all new Redashe website is designed to be an informative and useful guide to the Redashe product range. With the vast selection of products, and the volume of information and technical detail that accompany them, this site has been built utilising the addition of PDF technology. Every product has all description and technical information built into its page, but if you want more details, including the ability to download and print out, please click on the “Download datasheet” buttons. Depending on your browser you will be presented with the option of downloading or opening the file or in mosts cases both.

This site is built with the future in mind and is fully responsive and behaves differently on different platforms. If viewing on a mobile phone, some details and functionality may be hidden to speed up and help with the viewing experience.

Searching for products

There are two primary methods for finding the products you are looking for. If you know the product name, code or product type you can use the search facility at the top of every page. Search results can be further refined using the advanced search options. Secondly, products can be found using the menu navigation system and the intuitive filter set for each section. Where hundreds of options are available, you can refine your viewing experience by choosing options more specific to your requirements. However, please use the filtering system by choosing one filter option at a time to limit a no record result.

Website Recommendations

Whilst it works perfectly at all speeds, it is recommended that either fast broadband or mobile 3G/4G should be used for browsing and downloading some of the larger PDF files. The site was designed for the best viewing experience on a desktop screen with a resolution of 1280x960 or higher although it will work perfectly well at all resolution dimensions. For the best experience, Javascript should be enabled in your browser.