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Its so nice to be appreciated for what we do on a daily basis.


Hello Redashe and Macnaught Retractor.

I would like to share with you my personal experience of the 10 year warranty. The age of the old R2 reel.

I was very pleased to see that the warranty for the old R2 reel was held up.

When I purchased this a retractor reel was a novelty. I’d not seen one before.


I wanted a retractable reel because I have a disability which means a manual system is too hard for me to manage. Leaving the hose out is a trip hazard.

I used the R2 most days many years always fully extended and now l understand although industrial (which I took as being heavy duty) was not designed to be pulled out fully as often as it had been. Suffice to say the R2 (like it’s namesake r2d2) went beyond its original scope of endurance. Well done design and made Australia!

Turning now to Retractor UK distributors Redashe David Butler what a gentleman in the true sense. Listened to my issues and rather than bat me away David took hold of the issues and ran with it.

The 10-year warranty supported by Macnaught gives me confidence in the warranty system.


Problems and issues arise in all forms of business and in my opinion it’s not the issue arising but how the Business reacts to the issues raised. And David and Macnaught demonstrated true professionalism in the matter.


Ease of installation of the new R3 garden reel

This was simple as executed using the template supplied three screws on the wall and a bit of pipe strangling, job done.


Operation of the new R3 reel

The new R3 is longer and reaches the complete length of my garden front n back which makes my life so much easier.


Ease of use and accessories supplied.

Ease of use was interesting.

The gun well it’s magnificent such versatility and choice of spray the ease of switching power and spray design is well thought out and flick of the toggle for power and click of the spray head could not be better.

As a domestic user my patio pots thank you and my lawn well that’s a form of therapy I do not want to stop spraying… oh my water bill will confirm this.

There’s two issues from my viewpoint and both related to the pulling out resistance. I walk out and the recall does not click in straight away so I walk back along the hose keeping tugging to get the reel to halt. (most likely operator error).

Reeling in is interesting such power!  I could smell the rubber! Lol

Now I’ve taken to holding the hose with a cloth this does three things: controls the speed.

Dry’s and wipes the hose and achieves a tidy even reel pack.

These are more likely again an operator error. My handling adjustments reflecting more to do with a lady of certain age with disability than a failing of the reel itself.


Finally overall satisfaction

Extremely satisfied. Over the weekend I went to garden centre and the brands on offer do not stand up to Macnaught’s design and manufacturing. The prices were comparable but not the quality.

Which reminds me of the saying “buy cheap, pays twice.”

I would wholeheartedly recommend Redashe and Macnaught in a heartbeat.


Well done you guys!