Powder coated spring rewind

Coxreel EZ-SHL-N-525 safety spring rewind



Ref: SEZ-SHL-N-525 / Suitable for air, water, oil – (max 300psi)

The EZ-Coil䋢 rewind safety system is a patented rotary-dampening system exclusively researched and designed by the engineering department at Coxreels. The EZ-Coil䋢 rewind safety system controls and eliminates the high-speed recoil motion associated with conventional spring driven hose reels with no increase in the amount of resistance when pulling out the hose. Years of research and design went in to producing what is now becoming the industry standard in spring driven hose reel safety and technology.

Safety benefits

The slower controlled rewind action greatly increases operator safety, as well as the safety of the people and property in the surrounding area, by eliminating the high speed whipping action that results from a conventional spring driven hose reel. It is the most affordable and cost-effective solution to eliminating the danger of personal injury and destruction of property caused by careless operation of spring driven hose reels in the workplace.

Safety series features

  • Up to 80% slower retraction
  • Equipped with the EZ-Coil‰ã¢ rewind safetysystem
  • No electricity required
  • Pull-out tension remains unaffected
  • Powder painted blue
  • Smooth rolled edges on the side discs

Standard features

  • Heavy duty construction, made in the USA
  • Available in low, medium and high pressure
  • Heavy duty 1/4" plate steel support post and mounting plate
  • 1‰Û oil-lite self-lubricating bearing
  • Solid 1" steel centre support shaft
  • Full flow swivel joint
  • Adjustable arm guide wall, floor, ceiling and pit mountable
  • Eight position locking ratchet
  • 4 roller non-snag hose guide (6 on EZ-T series)
  • Reel supported on both sides by pedestal style base and arm guides (EZ-T series only)
Hose capacity 25' / 8m
Hose ID 2/3"
Hose OD 11/8"
Max PSI 300psi / 20bar
Swivel in/out 3/4" BSPF
Reel dimensions W: 91/4" x H: 21" x D: 195/8"
Approx weight 21kg

EZ-Coil䋢 performance evaluation chart

  Speed Whipping Impact
EZ-Coil - Up to 80% slower retraction 5 ft/sec 0-1 ft 0-1 ft/lbs
Spring driven hose reels
25 ft/sec 5-15 ft 500 ft/lbs
Model Hose ID Hose OD Length
Depth Weight
EZ-SHL-N-450 1/2" 3/4" 50' / 15m 300 1/2" BSPF 9 1/4" 21" 19 5/8" 24kg
EZ-SHL-N-525 3/4" 1 1/8" 25' / 8m 300 3/4" BSPF 9 1/4" 21" 19 5/8" 21kg
EZ-MPL-N-450 1/2" 3/4" 50' / 15m 3000 1/2" BSPF 9 1/4" 21" 19 5/8" 24kg