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Drester Dynamic Triple gun cleaner and solvent recycler system



Ref: Dynamic Triple gun cleaner and solvent recycler system

The Dynamic Triple is made up of three elements, a solvent recycler, docking station and a solvent spray gun cleaner. The Dynamic Triple enables the transfer of used dirty solvent directly into the recycler while at the same time refilling the clean rinse solvent drum, ensuring the gun cleaner is not out of use for more than a couple of minutes. This removes the health and safety issues of inhalation of fumes, lifting of heavy cans full of dirty solvent and possible spillage on the floor or over the recycler.

The transfer pumps are extremely efficient and will transfer the solvent up to 25m. This allows the recycler to be installed away from the Spray Gun Cleaner.

With transfer of the solvent being so quick and simple it enables the process to be run on a frequent basis keeping the solvent in better condition which in turn cleans the spray guns more efficiently, saving time at every stage.

The Redashe Dynamic Triple will assist companies with their commitment towards EPA and Health and Safety Legislation.

  • All machines operate in a closed loop
  • One valve operation to transfer the solvent
  • Lifetime warranty on all pumps
  • Up to 25 metre solvent transfer
  • Sealed Solvent Container
  • 4 minute transfer
  • Pumps on fixed frequency
  • All pipe work permanently connected
  • Access to clean solvent at all times
  • Stainless steel condenser on the recycler
  • Explosion proof construction

Life Time Warranty - All Redashe spray gun cleaner pumps carry a lifetime guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship, this guarantee does not apply to fair wear and tear or damage caused by misuse or abuse of the product. Warranty limited to the original purchaser.

RDR120 specifications

Type of solvents Distillable thinner
Boiler capacity 12 litres
Residues discharge Plastic bag
Condensation system By air
Condenser material Stainless steel
Time per cycle 3 - 41/2" hours
Voltage 200-240 V 1ph 50 or 60 Hz
Electrical construction Explosion proof
Weight 67kg

RDX9012 and 8012 specifications

Air Supply 7 - 10bar
Air Consumption 250l/m
Volume for fresh solvent 12 litres
Volume for recycled solvent 12 + 40 litres
Max diameter 510mm
Weight 21kg