Mixing room equipment

Drester R2055 Minivent extractor



Ref: R2055 / Extractor for Drester spray gun cleaners

The Drester Minivent extractor provides maximum extraction. Used as a general air extractor or more specifically over paint mixing or chemical analysis benches or to extract welding or exhaust fumes. The Minivent is the perfect answer to your fume extraction problems. All steel construction, the Minivent combines high volume extraction with low noise and low energy consumption. The Minivent is the ideal compliment to the new Redashe Boxer spray gun cleaners or to any other machine or process where there is a need to remove fumes from the atmosphere and where a short extraction distance facilitates a smaller unit installation. The Minivent is versatile. Reverse the principle and supply fresh air to work surfaces or use Minivent as a cooling fan. Available in three phase or single phase versions.

  • 3-phase, 415V, 50Hz, 250W. Rating Eex. ATEX approved category 2 (Conforms to BS 5345 zones I+II)
  • Suitable for extraction of explosive fumes (mount internally)
Dimensions H: 340mm x D: 300mm x W: 315mm