Spray gun cleaners

Drester RDB22S spray gun cleaner



Ref: RDB22S / Boxer double spray gun cleaner for solvent based paints

The Boxer double solvent is designed to clean solvent sprayguns automatically and manually. The Boxer incorporates the all-new Autobox which provides a compact automatic cleaning area supplied by pump fed recirculating solvent a second pump is used for the automatic clean rinse.

The compact size of the Autobox means that manual cleaning of solvent sprayguns can also take place in the manual workstation at the same time, as solvent guns are being cleaned automatically. The unit is equipped with a flow through brush to clean the externals of the spray gun and a paint channel flush gun for the internal surfaces the unit is also supplied with a blowgun to dry off the sprayguns after cleaning and a sprayout facility. As with all Redashe spraygun cleaners they are foot operated this keeps hands free while handling expensive sprayguns.

Boxer Double (Solvent) RDB21S

This machine comes with all the same basic features of the RDB22S but does not have the a second pump clean rinse is provide in the manual bowl in front of the Autobox all other details are the same.

  • Automatic washing station, using re-circulating solvent with an automatic clean rinse
  • Sink for manual cleaning, equipped with a flow-through brush using re-circulating solvent and a spray handle using clean solvent
  • The Double S can be ordered without automatic clean rinse (DB21S)
  • Double S can be ordered with a stainless cabinet (DI22S or DI21S)
  • Ex II 2 G EEx c IIA T6
  • Lifetime pump warranty

Life Time Warranty - All Redashe spray gun cleaner pumps carry a lifetime guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship, this guarantee does not apply to fair wear and tear or damage caused by misuse or abuse of the product. Warranty limited to the original purchaser.

Air supply 7 ‰ÛÒ 12bar (110 - 180psi), 250l/min (9cfm)
Extraction capacity 140m3/hour (82cfm) (with a 15m extension) 180m3/hour (106cfm) (with a 5m extension)
Overall dimensions Height: 1510mm (59.5"), width: 835mm (33")
Max depth: 650mm (25,5"), depth at the floor: 610mm (24")
Extractor diameter 125mm (5")
Weight 65kg (140lb)