Spray gun cleaners

Drester RDX-8012 docking unit



Ref: RDX-8012 / Docking unit adapted for the Drester Dynamic Triple

Docking unit for connecting the Drester 120 Solvent Recycler to the Gun Cleaners Drester 2600, 3600 and 8000.

  • Transfers solvent up to 25 meters
  • Access to fresh solvent in the gun cleaner after just a few minutes
  • Overflow protection
  • Can be placed inside the gun cleaners of the Boxer series, except Double C
  • Connectable to all Drester gun cleaners using solvent, except Double C
  • Drum level indicator
  • Patented system
Compressed air needed Clean, dry air at 3-10 bar
Height 700mm (17.5")
Diameter 500mm (19.5")
Pump capacity 10 l/min
Liquid pressure 2 bar
Solvent capacity max. 80 litres
Weight 21kg