Spray gun cleaners

Drester RQR-20 rinse unit



Ref: RQR20 / QuickRinse spray gun solvent rinse unit

Disposable cup systems allow the painter to take several colours into the spray booth at the same time enabling them to spray different panels one after the other without leaving the spray booth. This creates a much more effective and efficient way of working saving hours of time.

Cleaning the spraygun thoroughly between colour changes, is essential, if they are to avoid colour mismatch and paint defects. Simply pouring water into the gun‰Ûªs paint channel and then spraying out the paint and water usually does not clean the paint channel properly. Leaving the spray booth to clean the spray gun is time consuming and inconvenient.

The Redashe QuickRinse is a totally new device, developed to enable body shops to use disposable cups to their full potential. The QuickRinse is a pneumatic rinsing device, which can be used inside the spray booth, it dramatically increases the benefits of using disposable cups. It quickly cleans the paint channels between colour changes.

  • You don‰Ûªt have to leave the booth - save time no need to disconnect air mask or gun, less risk of dust entering the booth
  • Complete Clean - high-pressure cleaning allows safe colour change inside the booth, instant cleaning gives better cleaning results, cleans in 30 seconds
  • Improves cleanliness - no messy cleaning with inadequate water bottles
  • Store cups on the QuickRinse shelf, waste handled by any aqueous cleaner
  • Compatible with all disposable cup systems
  • Perfect for smart repair vans
Air supply 5 - 12bar
Air consumption 100l/min
Weight 12.5kg
Wash mode Solvent
Dimensions WxHxD 535mm x 64mm x 263mm