Bearing lubrication

Easylube ELMANKIT patrol management software



Ref: ELMANKIT / Patrol management software

Two unique pieces of software combined into one disk.

MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) calculation formula: cutting edge software that calculates the specific greasing requirements needed for a single bearing based on over six major factors: temperature, contamination, moisture, vibration, position and bearing design. EPMS calculates the precise dosage required. Simply type in the bearing details and the calculator will give you the precise measurement of grease required.

Guardwatch software contains two functions, ‘data registration’ and ‘identification’. The software that is downloaded to the PDA is used for data collection from the RFID lubricator or RFID tags. It enables uploading of data registration, and downloading of the up-to-date data to a PDA before routine inspection. It provides bearing identification and will alert the main user if a lubricator has not been inspected.

  • Calculates MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) to enhance lubrication efficiency
  • Collects data from the ELRFID or RFID tags and calculates abnormalities to further reduce bearing failure
  • Comes complete with 2 x Smartlock USB sticks to protect software from prohibited use
  • Includes an ELRWD145B-EL RFID reader for use with PDA‰Ûªs that do not include a reader
  • Alerts the main user if a lubricator has not been registered on routine inspection
  • Easylubeå¨ provide Updates via the website for all software
  • Redashe staff are fully qualified to help with all product relations
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty