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Graco Pulse FC Fluid Control



Graco Pulse FC Fluid Control

Pulse FC (Fluid Control) is Graco’s simplest Fluid Management solution. It allows the end user to control the volume of all their fluids being dispensed and actively monitor how much they are using. Set up is quick and easy and can be done without an interruption to normal operations.

Why Fluid Management?

On average 12% of the total oil volume which comes into a workshop is wasted- due to incorrect dispensing, leakages, spills etc. That’s a significant amount of money bleeding away unnecessarily. In addition to the waste, there are many other effects that reduce efficiency of a workshop. How do you know when to schedule refills? How do you know how much to invoice your customer for?

How Does It Work?

Graco’s Pulse FC fluid management system is wireless and uses pre-programmable cards to authorize fluid dispenses.

  • Large LCD High-Contrast Display - High-contrast screen for reading in all lighting conditions with easy setup and navigation. See what fluid the meter is setup for and exactly how much you are dispensing.
  • High Flow - Available in two models 30lpm (8gpm) or 68lpm (18gpm)
  • Durable Cast Body - Designed for heavy duty and harsh applications.
  • Automatic Quick Close Nozzle - Choose from rigid or flexible extensions with non-drip performance.
  • Long Life Valve Design - Cartridge design for fewer and easier repairs.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design - Four finger trigger and easy to use button pad to reduce worker fatigue.
  • 26C401 Pulse FC Starter Kit - Includes Software, Card Programmer, Software Quick Start and 50-Pack of Fluid Cards.
  • Please contact Redashe for metering options & information

Technical Specifications

Flow Range 0.9 - 68l/min - 0.25 - 18gpm
Maximum Working Pressure 1,500psi (103.4 bar)
Units of Measure Pints, quarts, gallons, litres
Accuracy +/- 0.5%
Inlet 1/2" or 3/4" BSPT
Maximum Recorded Dispense 9999 units
Operating Temperature -20å¡ - 70å¡C (4å¡ - 158å¡F)
Storage Temperature -40å¡ - 70å¡C (-40å¡ - 158å¡F)
Wetted Parts Aluminium, stainless steel, PBT, nitrile rubber, zinc plated carbon steel, nickel plated carbon steel
Weight 2.4kg (5.3lb)