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Groz ZABG3A14FBSP safety blow gun



Ref: ZABG3A14FBSP / Safety blow gun

A unique safety blow gun design that offers maximum blowing force with minimal air consumption.

  • Impact and weather resistant body
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel nozzle and parts
  • Ergonomic design with soft rubber grip that helps eliminate the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Brass threaded air inlet ensures that threads do not shear with repeated use
  • Variable speed trigger for full control of amount of air dispensed
  • Silent operation with noise level under 80db. Conforms to OSHA STD 1910-95 (b) for max. Noise level when used with air with 6bar (90psi) pressure
  • Confirms to OSHA STD 1-13.1 for safety and is classified as safety blow gun
Description Air blow gun with stainless steel nozzle 330mm (OSHA ok)
Noise level at 100psi 80 db
Blowing force at 100psi 0.32 kgs / 0.70 lbs
Air consumption at 100psi 15.26 cfm
Operating pressure 3.5bar to 16bar (50psi to 235psi)
Operating temperature - 10å¡C to 70å¡C (14å¡F to 158å¡F)