Indestructible handle hammers

Groz ZCHID412 club hammer



Ref: ZCHID412 / Club hammer for multiple applications

Hammers are used, abused and misused day-in and day-out, in numerous environments such as Industrial, automotive, manufacturing, construction, railroad, underground mining etc. These are rough use tools that take a lot of beating. No matter how much care you take, incorrectly hitting the hammer on the handle instead of the head cannot be avoided. Conventional wooden handle and fibreglass handles cannot take this. They fall apart not just when overstruck, but in a few hundred strikes even when used with full care.

The Groz indestructible handle hammer won‰Ûªt stop no matter what you do to it. Tested with over 36,000 strikes without failure. Paying a little extra compared to conventional hammers for a lifetime of use works out to a fraction of the cost than what you would spend buying multiple units of conventional hammers for the same job.

  • Indestructible handle is made with spring steel bars that run all the way through the handle
  • Bars are locked with the hammer head using steel locking plates ensuring that the head never gets dislodged
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle absorbs shock and vibration reducing fatigue
  • Special Bonding process ensures that head never gets loose from the handle
  • Hammer Head is forged from special steel and is Induction case hardened to 52 to 56 HRC for extended life
Head weight 4lb / 1.8kg
Handle length 12"/ 305mm
Model Head weight lb Head weight kg
Handle length inch
Handle length mm
ZCHID2512 2.5 1.1 12 305
ZCHID412 4 1.8 12 305