Speciality pumps

Groz ZCMX1 coolant/liquid mixers



Ref: ZCMX1 / Coolant/liquid mixers

The Groz coolant/liquid mixers use a rotary disc valve which is precision CNC machined from stainless steel and is highly accurate. The compact construction and minimal parts makes them easy to install, highly reliable and virtually maintenance free, whilst providing easy and fast adjustment. Common applications are mixing liquid coolant concentrate and detergents with water for supply to machines.

  • Lightweight aluminium body
  • Driven by pressure from water supply
  • Includes full flow brass ball valve and also fitted with 2 back flow preventers
  • Adjustment of mixing ratio is variable & controlled through a simple turn of the knob
Application Metal working fluids
Mixing ratio 0 to 11%
Capacity 1100 litres per hour