Grease handling equipment

Groz ZGFP04PROUNI grease filler pump



Ref: ZGFP04PROUNI / Suitable for 50kg grease kegs

Easy to use grease filling solution to load bulk or combination grease guns from bulk grease pails. No mess or waste. Full economy in buying bulk grease.

  • Kit includes zinc plated pump with zinc die cast pump head and cast aluminium adjusting flange, drum cover, follower plate and female loading fitting
  • Choice of male or female loading adaptors
  • Suitable for 50kg grease kegs
  • For grease up to NLGI 2
  • Delivers 28gms (1oz) per stroke
  • Maximum delivery pressure 20psi
Pail capacity 50kg
Pump length 30" (760mm)
Delivery per stroke 28gms
Drum cover diameter 381mm
Type of follower plate Rubber lining
Follower plate OD steel end 230mm
Follower plate OD plate 380mm
ID Grommet 38mm
Grease type Up to and including NLGI No. 2