Fuel handling equipment

Groz ZRBP3V industrial rotary fuel pump



Ref: ZRBP3V / Hand operated industrial rotary fuel pump

Heavy-duty industrial rotary fuel pump for use in extreme weather conditions. One of the only 3 vein constructed pumps on the market. The 3 veins give the pump the ability to deliver media with a lift up to 6.1mtrs (20ft) and a maximum discharge rate of 38 l/min (10g/min).

  • Deliver media with a head/lift up to 6.1mtrs (20ft)
  • Solid cast iron construction, fully CNC machined to close tolerances
  • Sintered powder metal rotor and graphite veins
  • Supplied complete with 2" bung, telescopic suction tube with strainer for use with 50ltr (15 gallons) - 205ltr (55 gallons) barrels.
  • Delivers 38 l/min (10 g/min)
  • 8ft antistatic discharge hose with flame arrestor and vacuum breaker
  • Suitable for use with gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other solvents
    compatible with the pumps wetted components
  • Wetted components: Cast iron, steel graphite, paper and polypropylene