Speciality pumps

Groz ZSPH1 siphon pumps



Ref: ZSPH1 / Siphon pumps

Easy to use polyethylene pumps siphon liquids to lower levels than the height at which the pump was installed.

  • Easy to prime and starts within 6 to 7 strokes. Pump requires no further operation and keeps working in auto position
  • Equipped with a vent cap on top. Opening the cap will stop the pump
  • To dispense media at levels higher than the pump, the pump needs to be continuously operated
  • Recommended for use with water based fluids, detergents, waxes, soaps, antifreeze, some mild acids and other liquids compatible with the pump construction materials
Discharge 6.5lpm
Bung 1 - 1/2" for use with pails
Fits 5 - 20ltr pails
Discharge hose length 551mm