AdBlue handling equipment

Groz ZWM20 AdBlue digital turbine meter



Ref: ZWM20 / AdBlue digital turbine meter

Digital turbine meter with polyamide construction, designed especially for use with AdBlue, DEF, UREA, windshield fluid and water.

  • Designed for in-line, end of line application or use with a dispensing nozzle
  • Electronic display using two AAA 1.5v batteries
  • Display can be rotated in 4 different positions
  • Includes one additional stainless steel adapter to convert from 1" male to 1" females threads
  • Measures in litres, quarts, pints and gallons
  • Can be field calibrated
Flow rate 5 - 120 lpg (1.3 - 32gpm)
Accuracy + / -1%
Repeatability +/- 0.30%
Max. working pressure 145psi (10bar)
Burst pressure 580psi (40bar)
Working temp. range -10å¡C to 50å¡C (14å¡F - 122å¡F)
Max. resettable batch total 99,999 units
Max. non resettable batch totalizer 9,99,999 units
Least count/resolution 0.001 units
Max. viscosity 5.35 cst
Water resistance IP55