Lifting equipment

Herkules HLS-1200 DUO Car Lift



Ref: Herkules HLS-1200 DUO Car Lift

The Herkules HLS 1200 DUO is a user-friendly lift for workshops who need to lift the vehicles either on wheels or for a wheel free work position.The DUO lift has the same features as all Hedson lifts, such as deviated loading ramps to make the access to the panel easier, stepless lifting height to securethe ergonomic work process and loading rampsto secure the vehicle against falling.

  • 2.5 tons lifting capacity
  • Weight 850kg
  • Air supply 6 bar
  • Lifting on the wheels or wheel free lift
  • Simple access with drive over ramps
  • On-ground or in-ground installations
Model Lifting Height Wheelbase (min/max) Object Height only Construction height with arms Pit Depth Installation
HLS1200-DUO-11 max.930mm 1600/3200mm 110mm 155mm - On-ground
HLS1200-DUO-14 max. 825mm 1600/3000mm - - 115mm In-ground
HLS1200-DUO-17 max. 930mm 1600/3000mm 110mm155mm- Transmobile (HLT-3)

Accessories & Consumables

Part Number Description
300-323 Pit frame (grids), zinc coated
300-326 Pit frame (concrete) zinc coated
300-380 Additional grids for the front end of HLS1200-DUO, 2 pieces, incl. support angles + fasteners
300-430 Drive over ramps, 2 pieces