Lifting equipment

Herkules HM-1100 Car Lift



Ref: Herkules HM-1100 Car Lift

The Herkules HM 1100 car lift requires no installation unless fitted in-ground to concrete or grids, but if fitted on-ground the lift is ready to use immediately. And with an additional set of wheels and pole handle (optional) it is mobile in the shop. The lift is equipped with swivel arms which easily reach the vehicles original lifting points. The radius of the swivel arms also allows for a safe fixing of wide vehicles.

  • 2.8 tons lifting capacity
  • Fast lifting
  • Small space requirements
  • On-ground or flush mounted installations
Model Air supply Weight Working height Object height Lifting height Pit depth Installation
HM 100-01 6 bar 510kg ~1100mm 115mm 930mm - On-ground
HM 1100-04 6 bar 510kg ~1000mm - 825mm 115mm In-ground, with 4 rubber blocks 800-105

Accessories & Consumables (Rubber Blocks)

Part Number Description
300-170HM Handle & wheels for HM lift
300-204 Fitting frame (concrete), zinc coated
300-318 Fitting frame (grids), zinc coated
800-108 220x130x120mm Rubber block
800-107 120x120x100mm Rubber block
800-105 120x100x80mm Rubber block
800-106 220x130x120mm Rubber block
800-112 160x140x110mm Rubber block
800-104 120x100x30mm Rubber block