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Herkules Transmobile



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Herkules Transmobile by Hedson is the revolutionary system for modern workshops. It creates new working capacity due to a safer and quicker work routine and drastically reduces the work involved in vehicle transportation around the workshop. The vehicles are on lifts from the moment the work is started right through to the final inspections and can safely and quickly be moved to subsequent workstations. The transportation system consists of the remote controlled automotive transmobile, and a Herkules by Hedson lift. It can be used in any shop with a level surface, even in the spray booth with grid floor.

  • Lower wage costs
  • Reduces vehicle transportation times
  • Powerful self-drive with no harmful exhaust gases

Lifts For Transmobile & Accessories

Part Number Description
HLS1200-17 HLS1200, 2.5 tons lift
HLS1200DUO-17 HLS 1200, 2.5 tons DUO lift
HLS3213-17 AirgoMatic 3213, 3.2 tons lift
HLS3213DUO-17 AirgoMatic 3213, 3.2 tons DUO lift
400-218 Programming console for Transmobile
300-247 Trolley for crosswise moving Transmobile
300-430 Drive over ramps, 2 pcs (HLS 1200 & HLS 1200-DUO)
300-465 Drive over ramps, 2 pcs (HLS 3213 & HLS 3213-DUO)
Model Loading Capacity Weight Drive Remote control
HLT 03 2.5 tons 560kg 24 V Yes
HLT 04 3.2 tons 600kg 24 V Yes