Hose reel accessories

Hose reel roller guides


Roller guides for hoses up to 1 1/2″ inside hose diameter

T4RB Face mounted roller guide, for use with hose up to 3/4″ (19mm) internal bore. Ideal for use through panels ect. Also available with solid Rollers (T4SR)

T1728-1 Right angled roller guide, for use with hose up to 3/4” (19mm) internal bore. These guides are ideal for payout along walls ect. Also available with solid rollers, and in stainless steel. (T1728 and T1728-1-SS).

T8101 Large four way roller assembly for use on cabinet/door openings, or similar locations where sharp edges may cut or damage the hose being handled. Supplied as standard on SP, DP series reels. Hoses up to 11/2” Internal bore.

T1829-1 Truck series roller guide for use with hose up to 1″ internal bore. Right angles edges allow both ends to be fixed. Also available with solid rollers and in stainless steel (T1828-1 and T1829-1-SS).

T7527 These roller guides have two rollers horizontally and two vertically. This enables large bore hoses up to 11/4″ bore to be handled easily. Supplied as standard on SHL-N-635.

For prices and details of roller guides not listed above, please call a member of the Redashe technical team.