Oil drainers and changers

Lubeworks JAOD3090 air operated oil drainer



Ref: JAOD3090 / Air operated waste oil drainer

Designed to drain, by gravity, waste oil from engines, gear boxes and differentials of all vehicles. The emptying of the drained oil inside the reservoir is air operated.

Warning: Not for use with corrosive or flammable products.

  • Air operated oil drainer with centre mounted adjustable collecting bowl
  • Adjustable collecting bowl height to work with jack, lift or servicing cock
  • Equipped with a valve for collecting bowl to inspect drained oil before it enters the reservoir
  • Can be equipped with a special support to allow filters to drain
Tank capacity 90l / 24gal
Collection bowl capacity 18l / 4.75gal
Collection bowl size H: 19cm x Ìü: 40cm
Maximum height 185cm / 72"
Minimum height 115cm / 45"
Draining hose length 2m / 79"
Air pressure for empties 1bar / 14psi
Tank size H: 78cm x Ìü: 40.6cm
Unit dimensions H: 116cm x W: 63cm x D: 41.5cm
Gross weight 32kg / 70.5lb empty
Packing volume 0.28m3 / 10cft
Collection bowl packing0.02m3 / 0.7cft