Airline equipment

Lubeworks JBFC4000 filter regulator lubricator



Ref: JBFC4000 / Filter regulator lubricator

The JBFC4000 filter regulator/lubricator cleans, regulates, and lubricates the air supply prior to use with air tools, pneumatic cylinders and similar equipment. The air supply is firstly filtered of moisture and impurities, then pressure regulated before being dosed with a fine airborne lubricant.

  • Features locking control knob for pre-setting air pressure
  • Large easy-to-read pressure gauge
  • Lubricator includes oil/air mix control
  • Supplied with wall mounting bracket
Operating fluid Air
Adjustable pressure range 0.5 - 8.5bar
Max working pressure 9.5bar
Inlet/outlet 1/2" BSP
Temperature range 5 - 60å¡C
Suggested lubricant ISO VG32 or same grade oil
Material (body) cup Die cast aluminium PE
Capacity of oil cup 60cc
Capacity of filter cup 90cc