Oil drainers and changers

Lubeworks JEVAC oil drainer evacuation kit



Ref: JEVAC / Oil drainer evacuation kit

Wall mounted evacuation kit suitable for use with JAOD3090, JAOE1090, JAODE090E and J1710002 oil drain units. This kit is designed to help shorten the evacuation time of the reservoir.

Warning: Do not use with corrosive or inflammable products

  • J100-S 1:1 Ratio stub pump
  • JWB10001 Wall mounting bracket
  • JAFC2000 Air regulator / lubricator
  • 2m air supply hose complete with fittings
  • 2m vacupress drain hose c/w dry break couplings
Output capacity 90l/min
Airconsumption 8bar - 100l/min
Air inlet connection1/4" quick plug