Oil handling equipment

Lubeworks JPS030 Pressure Sprayer



Ref: JPS030 / Pressure sprayer

The JPS030 Pressure sprayer is equipped with level gauge and spray gun and is suitable for the non-toxic spraying of detergent liquids for washing motors vehicles, low-density lubrication oils, and similar products for distributing lubricating, and preservation oils.etc. Filled to 3/4 capacity with chosen liquid, then pressurised with air at 7-8 bar. Once charged, the JPS030 can be used autonomously around the workshop, without requiring continuous connection to the compressed air supply.

  • Supplied with 5mtr of flexible hose
  • Delivery gun length ‰ÛÒ 27"
  • Supplied with funnel for easy filling
  • Supplied with gun holster for easy storage
  • Tank capacity ‰ÛÒ 30Ltrs
  • Easy to manoeuvre
Tank capacity 30l (8 gallon)
Maximum working pressure 10bar (145psi)
Flexible hose length 5mtr (16ft)
Gun length 69cm (27")
Air inlet connection 1/4" quick plug, 1/4" NPT