Grease handling equipment

Lubeworks/Reelworks JGS200 grease system



Ref: JGS200 / Suitable for 180kg grease drums

The JGS200 grease system is totally portable. To begin dispensing, the airline is simply connected to the grease pump. The JGS200 comprises of the Lubeworks J17125060KIT grease pump kit, the Reelworks C808-150H grease reel and the Lubeworks J1708003 trolley.

J17125060KIT Features

  • Ideal for transfer of grease in high volume and long distance
  • Components can be purchased separately
  • Pump service kits are available
  • Double acting pump provides continuous flow operation
  • Rugged design to withstand demanding environments

C808-150H Features

  • Corrosion resistant powder coating
  • Guide arm adjustable handling up to 9 positions
  • Solid 1" steel axle
  • Multi-position ratchet lock
  • Spring fully enclosed and lubricated
  • Latching of hose at any length
  • All brass swivel assembly

J17125060KIT Specifications

Drum application 18kgs
Air inlet pressure 5-12bar / 70-180psi
Max free flow rate (min) 1.8kgs / 4lbs
Suction tube diameter 32mm / 11/4"
Suction tube length 940mm / 37"
Drum cover diameter 600mm
Follower plate diameter 585mm

C808-150H Specifications

Hose capacity 50' / 15m
Hose ID 1/4"
Max PSI 5000psi / 345bar
Inlet/Outlet 1/4"
Reel dimensions W: 22cm x H: 55cm x D: 53cm
Approx weight NW/26kg GW/28kg