Grease handling equipment

Macnaught B2 grease booster gun



Ref: LB2 / Boosts pressure to twice that of normal grease guns

The B2 booster gun is supplied with a 360è? type swivel ZSB and provides up to 69,000kPa / 10,000psi /690bar grease pressure.

  • Rigid outlet
  • 360å¡ ZSB swivel included
  • Supplied as standard fitting on Macnaught P3 and P6 grease pumps
  • Optional extra for Macnaught P8 grease pump
Boosts grease pressure to 69,000kPa / 10,000psi /690bar
Grease inlet 1/4" NPT (F) Note: 1/8" NPT adaptor also supplied