Oil handling equipment

Macnaught BOP20 Battery operated pump



Ref: BOP20 / Battery operated pump

The BOP20 is a portable and rechargeable 18volt battery operated pump, designed to improve workshop efficiency and fatigue with the flick of a switch. The BOP20 powerhead can be transferred across multiple pump stems to reduce setup costs. The on demand flow nozzle allows full control over the fluid delivery with flow rates of up to 3.5l/min.

  • Sealed wetted parts - zero contamination
  • Separate Powerhead - multiple oils with one powerhead
  • 18v rechargeable 2.0Ah battery delivers up to 105 litres
  • Suitable for oils up to SAE90
  • Flow rates up to 3.5l/min
  • Safety lockout carry handle for simple Powerhead transfer
  • On-demand flow control
  • Adaptor kit to suit most 20L containers
Lubricant Range: 0W40 - SAE90
Delivery Rate: Up to 3.5l/min
Battery 18v 2.0Ah Lithium-ion
Charge: 1 hour fast charge (105 litres per charge)