Grease handling equipment

Macnaught FGK1 Flexi greasing kit



Ref: LFGK1 / Suitable for 400g grease cartridges, bulk filling or Macnaught J3 transfer pump

Supplied in a convenient outer carry case to protect your Flexigun and accessories and keep them free from dust, dirt and damage. The case includes snap-lock moulded fittings, designed to hold all parts firmly in the case and prevent loss of equipment.

  • Can be filled from a bulk supply of grease - Economical & contamination free greasing
  • 9mm diameter hand operated Filler / Bleeder Outlet - For use with Macnaught J3 grease pump or any other 9mm bulk fill grease pump
  • Reversible follower - For cartridge or bulk applications
  • Lock the plunge rod into the follower - For easier bleeding
  • Machined barrel thread - Makes it easier to screw the barrel to the head
  • Stepped Barrel - For easy grip
  • Heavy-duty design and construction - Reduces wear & facilitates effortless pressure building
  • Short stroke facility - Ability to boost greasing pressure using shorter hand strokes to easily clear blocked grease nipples
  • Screw fasteners - No rivets for easy servicing
  • Pistol grip and unique piston and valve arrangement - For easy one handed operation
  • Flexible high pressure extension hose - Easier to grease hard to reach nipples
  • Fully repairable - Provides a much longer service life
  • Supergrip KY coupler - Positive no leak connection ensures grease gets to the bearing.
  • 1 x K32 FLEXIGUNå¨ Grease Gun
  • 2 x KY SUPERGRIP‰ã¢ coupler
  • 1 x KF17 430mm (17") high pressure flexible extension
  • 1 x KIN injector needle
  • 1 x KZDXL straight point coupler
  • 1 x KDR right angle coupler (incl SUPERGRIP‰ã¢ coupler)
  • 1 x Hard plastic carry case
Delivery pressure Up to 68,900kPa (10,000psi)
Flexible extension hose 430mm (17")
Delivery per shot Up to 0.68g
Barrel wall 1.6mm thick
Wetted parts Zinc, steel, nitrile rubber, cork and nylon
Maximum viscosity Up to NLGI 2