Oil handling equipment

Macnaught HG20F oil control gun



Ref: LHG20F / Mechanical oil control gun with flexible nozzle

The HG20F oil delivery gun is of high quality and easy to use in any workshop in conjunction with air operated oil systems up to 7:1 ratio (R100, R300, R500 and the Oilmasterå¨ range).

  • Dispenses lubricating oils up to SAE 140, and ethylene glycol (anti-freeze anti-boil)
  • Utilises a straight through flow path to reduce pressure drop
  • Latching trigger for ease of use
  • Non-drip automatic delivery nozzle
  • Incorporates a ball bearing swivel inlet to ensure smooth
    operation and prevent the hose from kinking
  • 10 year parts availability
Wetted components Aluminium, mild steel, nitrile rubber
Flow rate Up to 25 litres (6.5 US gal.) per min.
Maximum pressure 7000 kPa / 1000psi / 70 bar
Maximum operating temperature 70å¡C (158å¡F)
Weight 800g (1.8lbs)
Swivel inlet 1/2" BSP or NPT(F)