Oil handling equipment

Macnaught HG40 oil control gun



Ref: LHG40-01 / Mechanical oil control meter

The Macnaught HG40 oil control gun comes complete with mechanical register. This Macnaught oil control gun has been designed to accurately dispense, measure and control oil flow. This control gun is suitable for use with engine oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid and anti-freeze/anti-boil and compatible fluids.

  • Up to 30 litres (8 US gal) per minute
  • Maximum working pressure 103 BAR/ 10350kPa/1500 psi.
  • Latching handle with trigger lock
  • Selectable alarm
  • Shock resistant
  • Complete with rigid extension and non-drip nozzle
  • 6 digit resettable and accumulative totals
  • Oval gear meter (accuracy å± 0.5% of reading)
  • Two outlet nozzle positions (in line or 90è? deg)
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Spare parts availability guaranteed for ten years
  • Fully serviceable
  • Use two standard AA batteries
Wetted components Aluminium, acetal, steel, nitrile rubber
Accuracy +/- 1% (of reading)
Flow range 1-30 l/min (0.26 ‰ÛÒ 8 US gal/min)
Maximum pressure 10350 kPa (1500psi, 103.5bar)
Pressure loss 100 kPa (14.4psi, 1bar) @ 12 l/min (3.2
US gal/min) (without nozzle) with calibration fluid
Weight 1.16kg (2.55 lbs)
Swivel inlet 1/2" BSP or NPT(F)