Oil handling equipment

Macnaught HG60 oil control gun



Ref: LHG60-01 / Electronic preset oil control meter

The Macnaught oil control gun HG60 is an electronic preset meter. Macnaught oil control guns have been designed to accurately dispense, measure and control oil flow. The control guns are suitable for use with engine oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid, anti-freeze/anti-boil and compatible fluids.

  • The HG60 pre-set electronic oil gun has been designed using latest technology
  • The self correcting algorithm allows the meter to measure and self correct any variance in oil flow
  • EEPROM Retention: Allows all information to be retained if the batteries are removed
  • Fail Safe: If low voltage is detected the pre-set function is locked out. If a computer error is detected the HG60 will shut down
  • Sleep Mode: When the gun has not been used for 2 minutes the electronics will go to "sleep". This preserves battery life. Battery life expectancy is 12-18 months (depending on use)
  • The gun can be used in manual mode if required
  • In addition to the standard manual and auto mode functions, there are 5 pre-setable totals which can be changed for frequently required volumes
  • 3 volt technology for long battery life
Wetted components Aluminium, acetal, steel, nitrile rubber
Accuracy +/- 0.5% (of reading)
Flow range 1-30 l/min (0.26 ‰ÛÒ 8 US gal/min)
Maximum pressure 10350 kPa (1500psi, 103.5bar)
Pressure loss 100 kPa (14.4psi, 1bar) @ 12 l/min (3.2
US gal/min) (without nozzle) with calibration fluid
Weight 1.16kg (2.55 lbs)
Swivel inlet 1/2" BSP or NPT(F)
Operating temperature 0å¡ - 50å¡C (32å¡ - 122å¡F)
Storage temperature -10å¡ - 60å¡C (14å¡ - 140å¡F)