Fuel handling equipment

Macnaught HP Litre-Stroke



Ref: LHP / Hand operated Litre-Stroke pump

The HP Litre-Stroke has an easy lever action which delivers up to 40 litres (10 US gal) per minute of petrol, diesel, kerosene or light lubricating oils up to SAE 30.

The HP Litre-Stroke pump is designed for either 205 litre (55 US gal) or 60 litre (16 US gal) drums and is ideal for most types of fuel transfer operations when an economical and long lasting pump is required. This pump is built for very harsh working conditions.

  • Delivers up to 40 litres (10 US gal) per minute, approximately 1 litre (1 qrt) per stroke
  • Pumps petrol, diesel, kerosene and lubricating oils up to
    SAE 30
  • 2.4m (8ft) antistatic rubber delivery hose and metal nozzle
  • Lockable handle and built in nozzle holder
  • 1000mm (3ft) two piece threaded suction tube
  • 25mm (1") outlet port
  • Optional 10 micron fuel filter - model HA includes installation/fitting kit