Grease handling equipment

Macnaught J3 grease pump



Ref: LJ3 / Suitable for 12.5kg grease kegs

The J3 grease transfer pump was designed for fast, easy bulk filling of grease guns. This provides an economical solution for refilling most standard grease guns from bulk pails instead of purchasing more expensive grease cartridges. The sealed system also keeps grease free from contamination.

The J3 is ideal for refilling Macnaught’s range of manual and air powered grease guns via the 9mm filler / bleeder valve. The minilube√•¬® can be refilled from the J3 by transferring directly into the container using the follower plate as a guide. A height adjustable lid and pump assembly offers compatibility with several different size grease pails up to 20kg.

The J3 is the best choice for high volume / low pressure grease transfer, especially in remote or on-the-job applications.

  • Transfer grease pump fills K29, K32, K40, K45, K53, K54, KT5 and KT6 (for the K7 Mini-Lube)
  • Fully sealed system keeps grease clean
  • Rubber edged follower provides wipe down of container walls
  • Models available to suit 12.5kg (28lb) to 22kg (48lb) containers
  • Redashe list the standard UK model suitable for use with 12.5kg grease kegs
  • Model J3B supplied with 1.5m (5ft) x 12mm (1/2") ID delivery hose and 6mm (1/4") BSP male thread instead of the filler tube and nozzle
Delivery per stoke Up to 54gms
Keg size Up to 12.5kg
Shots of grease per prime Up to 30
Maximum viscosity Up to NLGI 2
Wetted parts Aluminium, steel, brass, nitrile rubber and Teflon