Grease handling equipment

Macnaught K4 Super-Lube



Ref: LK4 / Suitable for 12.5kg to 22kg grease kegs

The K4 Super-lube is a manual greasing system designed to fit grease pails* from 12.5kg (28lb) to 22kg (48lb) and includes a unique KR grease gun that delivers grease at either high volume or high pressure up to 69,000kPa/10,000 PSI/690 BAR. When on the high pressure setting blocked grease nipples can be easily cleared.

The fully sealed system ensures that your grease is kept free from contamination that destroys bearings and causes expensive down time. The rubber edged follower wipes the grease off the wall of your grease container.

To operate the K4 Super-Lube press the plunger. This will prime the pump and provide you with 60 shots of grease through the KR grease gun.

The K4 Super-Lube is a very economical way of achieving a bulk greasing system which can be made portable with the optional TR5 drum trolley.

  • Spring loaded pump provides 60 shots of grease
  • 360å¡ swivel prevents the hose from kinking
  • Rubber edged follower provides wipe down of container walls
  • Models to suit 12.5kg (28lb) to 22kg (48lb) pails
  • Fully sealed system keeps grease clean
  • Optional trolley - TR5, provides portability
  • Suitable for use with greases up to NLGI No. 2
High volume delivery pressure Up to 34,450kPa (5,000psi)
High pressure delivery pressure Up to 68,900kPa (10,000psi)
Shots of grease per prime Up to 60
High pressure setting Up to 0.45g per shot
High volume setting Up to 1.25g per shot
Maximum viscosity Up to NLGI 2
Wetted parts Aluminium, steel, nitrile rubber
Flexible delivery hose 3m