Grease handling equipment

Macnaught K45 Levergun



Ref: LK45 / Suitable for 450g grease cartridges, bulk filling or Macnaught J3 transfer pump

The K45 LEVERGUN¨ is a lever-action grease gun designed for high pressure/high volume greasing and can easily clear blocked or damaged grease nipples. The K45 LEVERGUN¨ features a durable die cast aluminium head, a heavy gauge steel barrel and a heavy duty follower assembly to handle a wide range of grease viscosities up to NLGI No 2. Comes complete with 150mm (6″) rigid high pressure extension and KY SUPERGRIPª couplergrease gun from Macnaught for professionals. This Levergun is engineered for high pressure greasing providing up to 82,750kPa/12,000 PSI/827 BAR. The Levergun can be filled by one of three ways: cartridge, bulk or J3 Grease Pump.

  • Rigid outlet with Supergrip KY coupler
  • Filling options: Bulk, cartridge or J3 grease pump
  • Delivery pressure up to 82,750kPa (12,000psi)
  • Compatible with 450g cartridges for contamination free greasing
  • Filler/bleeder nipple 1/8" BSP (M)
  • Fully repairable
  • Robust zinc pull handle
Delivery pressure 82,750kPa / 12,000psi
Rigid extension hose 150mm (6")
Delivery per shot Up to 1.5g
Barrel wall 1.6mm thick
Wetted parts Aluminium, steel, nitrile rubber, cork and nylon
Maximum viscosity Up to NLGI 2