Oil handling equipment

Macnaught OS200 oil dispensing system



Ref: LOS200 / Portable oil dispensing unit

The OS200 oil system is totally portable. To begin dispensing, the airline is simply connected to the oil pump. The OS200 is complete with J1708003 trolley, C808-450M oil reel, R300S 3:1 ratio oil pump, telescopic suction tube, 2‰Û bung adaptor, suction hose and feeder hose.

Kit includes

  • C808-450M oil reel
  • R300S oil pump
  • HG20R-012E electronic oil dispensing gun
  • J1708003 drum trolley
  • Telescopic suction tube, c/w bung adaptor
  • Feeder hose - 2100mm (7ft)

R300S pump features

  • Stub or drum pump for inclusion in a workshop or mobile bulk oil system
  • 50mm (2") adjustable bung adaptor
  • Suitable for use with oils to SAE 140, diesel, ethylene glycol
    (anti-freeze/anti-boil), kerosene and soft self collapsing greases
  • Delivers up to 23 litres (6 us gal) per minute
  • Oil Inlet 19mm (3/4") BSP (F) oil outlet 19mm (3/4") BSP (F)
  • Optional TD42s suction tube
  • Air inlet 6mm (1/4") BSP (F)

C808-450M oil reel features

  • Corrosion resistant powder coating
  • Guide arm adjustable handling up to 9 positions
  • Solid 1" steel axle
  • Multi-position ratchet lock
  • Spring fully enclosed and lubricated
  • Latching of hose at any length
  • All brass swivel assembly

R300S pump specifications

Wetted components Aluminium, nitrile rubber, carbon PTFE, zinc plated carbon steel and brass
Pump ratio 3:1 (oil pressure is the same as air pressure)
Output Up to 23 litres (6 us gal) per minute
Suction tube length 22 mm (83/4")
Max. air pressure 1030 kPa / 150psi / 10.3 bar
Min. air pressure 400 kPa / 60psi / 4 bar
Min. air compressor 0.22 må?/min (8 cfm)
Air inlet 1/4" BSP (F)
Pump inlet 3/4" BSP or NPT (F)
Pump outlet: 3/4" BSP or NPT (F)

C808-450M oil reel specifications

Hose capacity 50' / 15m
Hose ID 1/2"
Max PSI 2000psi / 138bar
Inlet/Outlet 1/2"
Reel dimensions W: 22cm x H: 55cm x D: 53cm
Approx weight NW/26kg GW/28kg