Oil handling equipment

Macnaught R300T oil ratio pump



Ref: LR300T / 3:1 air operated oil ratio pump (drum)

An air powered 3:1 ratio stub pump that delivers up to 23 litres (6 US gal) per minute (at the pump). This pump is ideal for workshops where fast flow is required, typically over distances of 10 metres (38ft) up to 30 meters (98ft) through one or two hose reels and meter/gun systems. The R300T (drum) and the R300S (stub) pumps are ideally suited for the Macnaught HG series oil control guns and Retracta hose reels. All models include an airline oil lubricator.

  • Stub or drum pump for inclusion in a workshop or mobile bulk oil system
  • 50mm (2") adjustable bung adaptor
  • Suitable for use with oils to SAE 140, diesel, ethylene glycol
    (anti-freeze/anti-boil), kerosene and soft self collapsing greases
  • Delivers up to 23 litres (6 us gal) per minute
  • Oil Inlet 19mm (3/4") BSP (F) oil outlet 19mm (3/4") BSP (F)
  • Optional TD42s suction tube
  • Air inlet 6mm (1/4") BSP (F)


1.‰ÛâFlow rates in litres per minute at 700kPa / 100psi / 7bar and 23å¡C

2.‰ÛâFlow rates are a guide only and the actual output may vary from that stated

3.‰ÛâVariations in flow rate can result from compressor volume, air pressure, hose construction, hose fittings, ambient conditions and system pipe work

Wetted components Aluminium, nitrile rubber, carbon PTFE, zinc plated carbon steel and brass
Pump ratio 3:1 (oil pressure is 3 x the air pressure)
Output Up to 23 litres (6 us gal) per minute
Max. air pressure 1030 kPa / 150psi / 10.3 bar
Min. air pressure 400 kPa / 60psi / 4 bar
Min. air compressor 0.22 må?/min (8 cfm)
Air inlet 1/4" BSP (F)
Pump inlet 3/4" BSP or NPT (F)
Pump outlet: 3/4" BSP or NPT (F)

Flow rate table

Material Output through 3m (10ft) x 25mm (3/4")
hose reel and HG60 gun
Litres (US gal) per min
Output through
3m (10ft) x 19mm (3/4")
hose and 10m (33ft) x 12.5mm (1/2")
Litres (US gal) per min
Oil SAE 10 23 (6) 15 (3.9) ATF
Oil SAE 30 20 (5.2) 9 (2.3) GTX3
Oil SAE 90 17 (4.4) 6 (1.6) SP220 gear oil
Oil SAE 140 14 (3.7) 4 (1)  
Diesel 23 (6) 18 (4.7)  
Kerosene 22 (5.8) 17 (4.5)