Powder coated spring rewind

Nederman Hose Reel 881 Ex



Ref: ATEX approved vacuum hose reel

The vacuum hose reel 881 Ex facilitates the handling of long and heavy vacuum hoses, and provides tidy and safe storage when they are not in use. Keeps hoses out of the way of forklifts and mobile workshop equipment. Separate suspension brackets make installation of the reel simple and safe. All reels are delivered without connection hose. Approved for use in ATEX-zone 22 in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU Equipment group II, Category 3D. Product marking: CE EX II 3D c T=40å¡C X Requirement for ATEX conformity (X): The micro-switch should be connected to an intrinsic safe circuit or be left unconnected.

  • Suitable for cleaning explosive dust
  • With built-in automatic damper
  • Integrated micro-switch
  • Distribution hose length 10m
  • Supplied with fitted hose (Check data sheet for hose type)
  • Please check data sheet for other available models and accessories
ModelDelivered with hose Colour Distribution hose diameter (mm)
Max working pressur (PSI)
Max hose length
WeightHose Type
30805881Yes Blue 38 45 26-28kgPEC
30805981No Blue 10m 26-28Kg
30806081Yes Blue 50 45 26-28kgPEC
30811081Yes Grey 38 45 26-28kgPEC